Building On Small Successes

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This week was a challenge with the Thanksgiving holiday but I did it. Building on small successes I lost 1 more pound and I even had a piece of pumpkin pie every day for a week. My progress is slow and may not be for everyone but my thought here is that I can do this every day of my life.  I am not out to lose 20 pounds now and gain it all back in a week or a month down the road. My total to date is 8 pounds..

If I watch how much I eat I can eat what I want just smaller portions and build on my smaller successes. Here’s what I did I changes my paradigms. Paradigms are multiple habits. We all have habits that we do every day that we do without even thinking about it. We do the same things every day. If you want things to change you need to change the paradigms or habits. You just need to shift them a little. This can make a big change in your life, in your health and in your wealth in anything you want.

The mind is very powerful and if you can learn how to control it you can have anything you want. I just started studying it and in just a short time I have done some amazing thing for my health. The subconscious mind controls what you think about in life. So if you are thinking negative thought you get negative thought back over and over again.

I know, seemed like every year I would look forward to having what I called a bad month. Everything would go wrong for me in my life. I would think about it at a certain time of the year and it would happen. There are a few steps to this but this is a very important that you stop thinking bad things. For example if you are thinking I am fat things will stay the same for you I am always broke things will stay the same. Yes they may change for the good off and on but until you change what you’re thinking about things will not change for you.Building on Small Successes

Building on my small successes has changed my life and it can for you too. Like to tell you a story about something in my life maybe you can relate to it. Ever since I was 20 years old I have had back problems and as I got older well you know it is getting worse. I reached the age of 32 and my back went out. Before this point all I had to do is lie around for a couple days and relax. Then I was good.

But this time I was down for 3 weeks and I couldn’t move. I got scared that I would not walk again and for 3 weeks I put all that negative energy in my mine with intense feeling and I messed myself up for the next twenty years. I was always hurting and thinking about it every day. I tried everything to make it better. It really messed me up there were times when I didn’t want to leave the house. I tell you I lost 20 years of my life from this. I knew a lot of the problem was in my mind but didn’t know how to fix it.

I decided to I want to make money online to help my wife with the bills but I got a whole lot more. I got my life back. This is what happened. Our mentor told us to do some things that seemed weird probably like you may feel now. What the heck is this guy talking about? Believe me I was there too. But he told us to start growing our mind and start reading and listening to positive and motivational stuff too clear your mind. I wanted to make good money online so I listened. To my surprise the first thing that happened for me was my back pain decreased through one of the books I read. It told me what to do to fix myself. It worked guys it worked. I am so happy that I got involved in this business and with my Building On Small Successesmentor.

Now I still have pain I’m not going to tell you it’s gone and insult your intelligence. But I focus on something I love to do and that is help other and make money. The pain is there but very minimum and I am a lot more relaxed. The big thing here is you can do what you want just change the paradigms and start building on small successes. The end of the story goes like this. The business I am in had a retreat in Hawaii and I wanted to go. I didn’t even think about how long the trip was or how far I was from home till I stated my journey but I stayed calm and worked a few little problems that came up and had a wonderful time. The plane trip was 12 hours (sitting).

I focus on my business to keep the pain away and am doing the same with my weight lose problem. 

The mind is very powerful most people don’t know how much. The techniques I use in the transformation course dives deep into this and will reveal to you what you already know but keep avoiding. Check out our transformation courses only if your are ready and your sick and tired of the fat you have been stuck with for years. My techniques have never failed me  and I know they will work for you. Let’s do this together. If your still unsure sign up and let me sent you some powerful tips that will help you in your weight loss journey.


I hope this inspires you to go out in this great world and take what you want in life it is all there for you. You deserve it.

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