Make Commitments to Yourself


Make commitments to yourself in whatever problem you may have. It takes a commitment to lose weight or any other problem you have in your life. Hello today I would like to update you on my progress I have lost a total of 10 pounds eating the foods that I like just in different ways. I stick pretty close to my 5 meals a day and 300 calories a meal and it seem to be working fine. I am losing slowly but at the same time eating what I can live with for the rest of my life. Most people take drastic measures when it comes to losing weight because if they don’t see results it isn’t working.

You have to give your body a chance to change it took you 20 years to put that weight on but you want it off tomorrow. If you fail in one of these traps you will gain it back plus some so you shouldn’t even try. Today’s subject is about commitment and I got inspired to write about this by the audio below. You should really listen to it. I met Les Brown on one of my adventures to Hawaii with a mastermind group call Big Idea Mastermind. He is very inspiring to listen to. He is down to earth and will tell you like it is. One of his sayings is you have greatness in you. But today he talks about commitment. 

It takes commitment to do anything in life and a lot of us lack what it really takes to be free in life. If you fail at your commitment start over we all fail sometimes. Instead most people go back to their old life’s and don’t produce any happiness for themselves or anyone around them. If you want something YOU have to go get it that’s the way it is. No one is going to give it to you. YOU have to start the process and make a commitment that you will follow through and achieve that goal that you committed too. You can have friends help you but it still comes down to you and your commitment. Let me tell you a short story about my wife likes to eat fast food and she keeps trying to bring it home for me and I don’t want it. You know that the only fast food you can eat that is under 300 calories is a salad NO thanks. A whopper is 680 calories. I use to eat my whole days worth of calories in one sitting. Burger Fries and a drink holly cow. I love beef and grow my own beef but I can only eat it once a week now.

Did I have to make some sacrifices heck yes I did but it will be worth it in the end. I am committed to my weight problem I am committed to my business goals. There are a lot of different ways you can use commitment but you have to make that decision to do it and follow through with it. Below is the audio and it is really powerful and is worth listen to over and over again. So come back as many times as you want it will help you when time are tough. I use these same audios to help me focus in my business and help me with my weight lose problems. Make commitments to yourself and start regain your life.

Have you struggled trying to shed the pounds off for years. Are you frustrated that every time you loss weight you gain it back plus more. In my new transformation courses you will see a different way of doing thing to help you change your ways and break the cycle of the past. You can do this… I have used these techniques for all kinds of thing in my life and it has never failed me and if you follow the process they won’t fail you either. If your sick and tired of carrying all that extra weight around and you really want to lose weight. Check out our services and let’s transform a new life for you. You can also sign up and we will send you some really cool tips.

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