Weight Loss Slow as You Go

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Today’s weight loss journey has been a very slow one but that’s ok. I got trapped into checking my weight everyday and nothing seem to be happening. I did that for about three days because I was so excited the last time that I lost 5 pounds first week. But guys I think a weekly check is better for the mind. Then at the end of the second week I lost 2 pounds just like that. I think that is just great a couple pounds a week is ok with me.

I am still eating pretty much everything I like and found a couple things that are better for me that I didn’t eat before. So like a marriage it is a give and take process. I can deal with that because in a way life is the same way. I am eating five 300 calorie meals and you know what most days I only eat 1300 calories instead of the 1500 calories.

I am telling the truth I am not hungry and doing great. Now Thanksgiving is coming and I made myself a pumpkin pie. This means one of my meals will turn into a snack. It is good but I just give myself a small piece. Pumpkin pie is one of the lowest in calories. Here’s what I will do on the big meal day while everyone else is going to be stuffed I will cut my meal in half that way I can eat what I want and save the other half for tomorrow or later. Want to tell you a story my wife brought home a burger from Burger King. I am checking my program that keeps me close on calories a Whopper was 670 calories had to cut that in half and had it the next day. Can you believe that? I use to eat that and fries and a big soda that was my whole days calories no wonder I gained so much weightWeight loss

I was really a beef man too. That is one thing I do miss I only have it one night a week. I am a cattleman to my beef is leaner but still it is high in calories. I will tell you having something to focus on my online business really helps. I don’t think about eating I just stay focused on what I am doing and time fly’s and I get a lot done.  If you want to do what I do and get to meet special and very nice people and even help other people then join our community. It was the best thing I did in my life. It opened my eyes up to greater ideas inspired me to do other things with my life and help others do the same. Life is great… Find out more here.

The best way to do anything is to simplify it that’s what our transformation course is all about getting result and keeping it simple. Most of us are over weight why? Because we don’t do anything about it. Plain and simple these are the facts. Facts don’t lie here’s the deal. If you are ready and you made up your mind your going to do it lose weight without excuses because I’m not just taking everyone I want success for you. Check out my transformation page and see if you qualify.

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