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My Weight Loss Plan & How It Is Working

My weight loss plan is really working good for me. I have lost another 3 pounds for a total of 15 pounds. Hello followers today I will tell you how I have been losing these pounds so maybe you can too.  First of all here's the most important thing YOU have to make a decision that you want to do this. What I mean by this is I heard this so much in my life is "I will try to lose some weight" Here's what your saying to yourself I am not going to do it. From my understanding if [...]

Live Your Dreams and Get What You Want In Life

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I would like to inspire you today to live your dreams and get what you want in life. How do you  that? Well you make a decision in your mind and take action on that decision and follow through. That's it not that hard. Some of us make it really hard to do. Some of us say we want to do something but we really don't want too. Some of us really don't know how to do it. Because we either forgot or we never new. This isn't something that's taught in school and it should be. If you really [...]