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How to lose wieght

How to Lose Weight And Keep It Off

How to lose weight and keep it off my version. If you have been reading my post you must have realized I stopped posting. Well I got busy with my business something I truly love to do. I get to help people. So here is and update I started out at around 220 pounds and I am now 195. I have been at a stand still around 200 and my doctor says I have to exercise more to get more off so I have. The thing is I have not gained any back and I lose a pound here and [...]

Burn Fat Tips

Burn Fat With These Tips and Keep Your Health Exercise is one of the first things to be let go as you age and to burn fat is harder. Work, family, and home easily outweigh exercise for your attention. Attaining the toned appearance that comes from a fitness routine is still possible by using the tips below. You can start now to get yourself in better shape, perhaps even the shape you had when you were young! As people become more mature, they may experience a decline in fitness and will burn fat slower. Often you will use the stress [...]

Fitness and Exercise

Your Guide On How To Shed Those Extra Pounds Older people stop thinking about fitness and exercise. Other, more pressing matters, such as family and work duties, are put before health and fitness. These simple tips can help show you the way to regaining your fitness. Then you will be in the same shape as you used to be. Sometimes when people get older, they let their fitness and exercise routine fall to the wayside. Added pressure of adult responsibilities can make exercising a lower priority than in previous years. Follow the fitness advice listed below if you're tired of [...]

Weight Loss Surgery 2

"Weight Loss Surgery And My Life Experience Part 2"   With the weight loss surgery I can no longer eat the same foods as I did before and I am not just talking about quantity. Breads, pastas, fried foods (fats) no longer take center stage in my diet. Desserts (sugars and fats) are also last in line if at all especially sugar. Proteins like fish, chicken, turkey, pork, beef are of primary importance as the human body needs protein to repair itself. I now have poor tolerance of beef but can consume it in small increments though not enough to [...]
wieght loss surgery

Weight Loss Surgery 1

"Weight Loss Surgery And My   Life Experience Part 1"     Weight loss surgery is a life changing experience. It is or can be the ultimate tool for people like me who were caught in the weight loss “yo-yo” syndrome. I did a lot of reading and research on the internet and watched the online videos of the different types before deciding which weight loss surgery procedure I thought would be best for me. Initially I thought the “lap band” was going to be my choice. My doctor convinced me otherwise as statistics have proven that patients with a [...]