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How to Lose Weight And Keep It Off


How to lose weight and keep it off my version. If you have been reading my post you must have realized I stopped posting. Well I got busy with my business something I truly love to do. I get to help people. So here is and update I started out at around 220 pounds and I am now 195. I have been at a stand still around 200 and my doctor says I have to exercise more to get more off so I have. The thing is I have not gained any back and I lose a pound here and there. I feel so much better and my blood pressure even came down a lot..

Here’s How to Lose Weight Like I Did

Here’s how to lose weight exactly how I did it and what I do now. I want to let you know you do have to educate yourself a little and with the internet you can find most of it free. There are some great products that can help you but I just got me a little program to let me know how many calories I was eating a day.

I never had to lose weight I was always really active. So I need to learn a few things. I like plain food nothing fancy on my plate. If you are still eating fast food I will tell you that meal is about 80% of what I eat all day. Very high in calories… There is a tip no fast food. But you knew that right.

I am different from you and you are different from someone else so I say eat what you like just don’t eat as much. This is where the calorie counter comes in. My doctor told me a long time ago to eat 5  meals a day at 300 calories at a time. So I stick to that pretty much. Some time I only eat 1200 a day instead of 1500. This helps me lose weight a little faster.

Check with your doctor and if you are really heavy you can’t possible drop from 5000 calories to 1500 you will never make it you will be hungry all the time and you will quite. Work on small successes.

Drop it down to 4000 calories. People try to do to much and they get overwhelmed and the mind starts talking you out of it. Listen I am just a regular guy that has been around a lot of people that are, or were heavy. I am not a doctor or nutrition expert. But I know that you can do this because I have.

To Lose Weight I Eat This

Like I said my meals are going to be different than yours but maybe it will give you some ideas for yourself. I also eat a lot of the same foods during the week to keep myself on track.

First thing in the morning a have a 1 coke yes a real coke. I don’t like coffee and enjoy my cokes.

Then a few hours after I have an omelet with just cheese every morning mostly. You can use real eggs but I use egg beaters because you get more. I can have a whole cup of them saladcompared to 2 eggs. See real eggs are 90 calories and most egg beaters are 100 a cup. It’s weird some are 100 and some are 120 a cup so watch out for that. I have a muffin to that puts me around 300 calories.

Just to let you no I have the coke then I wait for a couple hours and have breakfast. I work at home you may not and may have to move you products around to suit you. I try to get in my high calorie stuff in the morning like snacks and the coke so that can burn off from what I do during the day.

I will usually have a snack a cookie or rice crispy treat those are around 100 or 90. Sometimes it’s and apple or part of one because I share it with my Macaw. I love salad but it hurts my stomach so don’t eat much of that but you can eat that a lot of that just watch out what you put in it and on it..

Then I make shepherds pie or some sort of casserole with lots of chicken and I buy mixed veggies and put 2 bags of those in and noodles and 2 cans of chicken or whatever kind of soup and bake it. Of course you have to make the noodles first before baking them. That is lunch… Sometimes I have a bowl of soup the one I buy is 200 for the whole can..

So here is what we have so for 140 for the coke  100 cookie breakfast 300 and lunch 300 =840

Then sometimes I have an ice cream cone or soup or maybe if I am busy I will skip this meal but you could have lots of things you have 300 calories.

Then for super I have mostly the same thing and here is way because it gets me through the night seems like night time is the hardest for me.

Good old fashion oatmeal 1 cup or a cup 1/2 depending on if I skipped the afternoon meal or not or if I am hungry or not I have raisins a little box and protein powder all mixed together with low fat milk.. That is around 300 calories.

At night if I need a snack I will grab a couple pretzels or chips just look on the bag for calories and how many you can have. Also gum or nips they are a candy that is 30 calories.

Lots of water I drink about 4-5  20 ounce bottles a day. This will also help you lose weight too.water

So there it is I know maybe a little weird for you but you can make up your own meals for what you like. I will warn you this to me is the right way to do this. It is a slower process you will not lost 50 pounds in a week type of thing but I will say if you stick to it you will not gain it all back.

What do I think of weight loss programs not much but that up to you.

You can lose weight just like I did and below is the next step.

Mind Power To Lose Weight

I know your thinking now what brain power. Here’s the deal your brain is a very strong influence on you. It is very powerful you can control it or it can control you..

That’s hard to believe for most people. Here is an example did you ever want to go some where and you talked yourself out of it or maybe you had a job you wanted or a business you where thinking about and after thinking about it you didn’t think you were worthy of it so you didn’t go. That’s the little voice in your head telling you, you can’t do that. What makes you think you can do that, you can’t do that. It talks you out of it..

The mind is very powerful and you have to show it who’s boss. The first few weeks/ months you have to train yourself to just say no. No I don’t want that big piece of cake I will have a very small piece. In life we can do anything and in most cases the mind is controlling us instead of the other way around. If you can realize this your whole out look on life will change. I believe in you, you can do this..

One more thing I got myself in business and worked very hard at it and kept my mind busy so it couldn’t mess with me to much. So find something you could spend a great deal of time with and do it. I you keep the mind busy time will go by fast and you won’t be thinking about food. This helped me lose weight.

I am building a membership to help people make money online because when people come here they fail because there is know one to show them the way. I help other people to that gives me great satisfaction.

You have greatness in you go out and prove it to yourself..

Have what you want just limit what you eat. Did I make any sacrifices yes I did and you will to. If you eat to much bread or to many cokes you know what you have to do…

I hope some of the weight lose tips helped you out in your next plan of action.

I want to know if your ready to get those pounds off. Really are you sick and tired of all that extra weight you are carrying around. It is unhealthy you know, your doctor is always telling you and you know it yourself. It’s time for a transformation. It’s time to start living again. I mean living a better life. If this is what you want check out my transformation services out or sign up for our tips so we can help you get what you want out of life. Do it for you do it for your family make a better choice. My techniques are different then most weight loss programs. You probably tired to loss weight before and it didn’t work right. Well I want to change that for you. Click the links above and get started now.


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